Community Presence: Beyond the Competitions

Where have we been? Here's a look back on the camps, presentations and activities that OneTeamMVMT has taken part in.

2017/2018 Season

Canada 150 Skating Day

Montreal & Laval, QC | December, 2017 | Website

Celebrated Canada's 150th birthday with 2 public skating events where we had synchronized skating teams perform, and allowed members of the public to try synchro with the teams afterward.

Deloitte Impact Day

Toronto, Canada | July, 2017 | Website

Selected as a recipient organization of Deloitte's expertise in strategic planning, as part of their annual community Impact Day.

2016/2017 Season

Australian Synchronized Skating Nationals

Brisbane, Australia | December, 2016

OTM Presentation: Award Ceremony address

Good Life Fitness Booth

Mississauga, Canada | March, 2017

OTM Booth: Educated the general public on synchronized skating and OneTeamMVMT. 


Sun Surf Synchro

Kansas City, USA | June, 2017 | Website

OTM Camp: Co-hosted a three day international development camp in San Diego, CA, with Team Paradice. 30+ young women, from both Canada and across the USA attended, along with the support of 18 sponsors. 

Summer Synchro Camp with the Champs

Kansas City, USA | June, 2017

OTM Presentation: How to Grow Your Synchro Program

York Entrepreneurial Development Institute Showcase

Vaughan, Canada | August, 2017 | Website

OTM Presentation: 5 Minute Venture Pitch, following a 4-month course on business development for selected top nonprofit organizations.

Perth Presentation

Perth, Australia | August, 2017

OTM Presentation: Creating A Positive Team Culture

2017 National Synchronized Skating Summit

Geneva, USA | August, 2017

OTM Handout: Synchro Ambassador Checklist and Tips for Success: Growing Your Synchro Program

Synchronised Skating Development Camp

Geneva, USA | August, 2017

OTM Handout: Camp Checklist

Whitby Ice Fyre Seminar

Whitby, Canada | September, 2017

OTM Presentation: How to Make this Season the Best Yet