OneTeamMVMT Leggings by Dress Wright


These leggings are high-waisted with the OneTeamMVMT logo down the right leg, which can be covered on-ice with leg warmers. Leggings come in 2 options for the same price; over-the-heel (pictured below), or ankle-length (normal leggings). Leggings will be available for pick-up at camp only.

Order deadline: by June 7th to arrive at the USA Camp (North Carolina)
OR: by June 28th to arrive at the Canada Camp (Quebec)

Don't miss out on our PROMOTIONAL CAMP PRICES!!!

Youth: $69.99🇨🇦/ $54.99🇺🇸
Adult: $74.99🇨🇦/ $59.99🇺🇸

Pants made by Dress Wright