OTM Presence at Synchro Competitions

Where have we been? A look at synchro events OneTeamMVMT has attended. 

2017/2018 Synchronized Skating Season

Get to know our 2017-2018 Global Flashmob; Performed in 8 countries this season, and counting!

ISU Winter Cup

Belgium | November 2017Website

OTM: competition program feature

Porter Classic

Ann Arbor MI, USA | December 2017Website

OTM: booth, poster signing, limited edition hoodies 


Mississauga, Canada | January, 2018

OTM: booth, new experiential poster & postcards, soft launch of zip-ups, t-shirt sales, National Team Meet & Greet (covered via instagram live)

Laval Synchronized Skating Invitational

Laval, Canada | January, 2018

OTM: Experiential postcards, banner in stands, pre-ordered t-shirts available

ISU Leon Lurje Trophy

Gothenburg, Sweden | January, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob, Poster signing

ISU Mozart Cup

Salzburg, Austria | January, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob

ISU French Cup

Rouen, France | February, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob

ISU Trophy D'Ecosse

Dumfries, UK | February, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob, poster signing, banner in kiss & cry

Lumiere Cup

Eindhoven, Netherlands | February, 2018 | Website

OTM-branded kiss & cry, banners in stands, and on-ice flashmob

Ontario Regional Synchronized Skating Championships

Komoka, ON | February, 2018 | Website

OTM booth with poster signing

Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships

Oshawa, ON | February, 2018 | Website

OTM booth with poster signing, Flashmob performed, and held contests (3 OTM hoodies and 5 stickers awarded)

U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships

Portland, OR | February, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob

ISU Budapest Cup

Budapest, Hungary | March, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob

Skate Canada Newfoundland & Labrador Synchronized Skating Championships

Torbay, NL | March, 2018 | Website

OTM: Flashmob, poster signing organized by High Performance Sports Equipment

2018 ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships

Zagreb, Croatia | March, 2018 | Website

OTM: Co-branded booth with Jackson Ultima Skates; poster signing, synchro blade giveaway X 3, t-shirt giveaway for each participating team, postcard hide and seek (awarded 1 t-shirt and 10 stickers), skater-led OTM flashmob at skater's banquet

2018 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

Stockholm, Sweden | April, 2018 | Website

OTM: Co-branded booth with Jackson Ultima Skates; poster signing, synchro blade giveaway

2016/2017 Synchronized Skating Season


Mississauga, Canada | January, 2017

OTM: Flash mob, booth, poster signing, t-shirts, Team Canada meet and greet

ISU French Cup

Rouen, France | February, 2017 | Website

OTM: Poster signing, pre-ordered t-shirts 

ISU Trophy D'Ecosse

Dumfries, Scotland

February, 2017 | Website

OTM: Flash Mob, poster signing, program flyer

Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships

Calgary, Canada

February, 2017 | Website

OTM: Poster signing

Synchro Capers

Oakville, Canada

February, 2017

OTM: T-shirt pre-orders

Kempen Trophy

Turnhout, Belgium

January, 2017 | Website

OTM: Flash mob, poster signing, opening ceremony, banner, program ad

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships (WJSSC)

Mississauga, Canada

March, 2017 | Website

OTM: Flash mob, pre-order booth, poster signing, banner, photobooth

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships (WSSC)

Colorado, USA

April, 2017 | Website

OTM: Booth, flash mob, poster signing, pre-orders, synchro buddy sign-up